Hello! My name is Dean, it’s nice to meet you. Before we get started, I’d like to introduce myself and explain what this blog is about. I’m 27, live in Britain, and have an interest in true crime and horror fiction. I have a degree in Creative Writing – which included modules on Gothic fiction, Crime Scene America, and Myths & Legends. I love reading; all genres, fact and fiction, and have a growing library in my home. Music is another passion of mine, I regularly go to gigs and festivals, and for two years I wrote for the music magazine Distorted Sound interviewing bands, reviewing gigs, and appraising upcoming albums.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss all things true crime and horror, from what do vampires represent to is Gypsy Blanchard a monster? I want to have a conversation so please, let me know what you think.

11 thoughts on “Introductions

      1. If you are interested and have the time, I just published a poetry book on Amazon, I can send you some poems through email if you would like and give me some feedback.
        She is the person that really gave me the push and helped me published it on Amazon.
        I can do the same for you, even though I´m not an expert on your genres I believe I can be of help.


  1. Dr. Phil had Gypsy Blanchard oh his show a while back (via Polycom) as she’s still in jail or was at the time. He also has a new podcast where he analyses different crimes, and he did one on hers, it’s called Mystery and Murder, an analysis by Dr. Phil. Have you by any chance see either his show or the podcast? If not you might want to check out the podcast(s). I’ve been reading true crime for over 40 years now here in the US, and watching documentaries, forensic shows, etc. I’m more into non-fiction, biographies, etc. I’ve read TC from all over though, Australia, Britain, Japan. I’ve met a few British writers the past few years as I do reviews too. A couple of retired cops, and a lovely woman whose brother and sister in law were murdered many years ago far away. Have you read Penny Farmer’s book? It’s called Dead in the Water. It’s hard to read, an awful story of what happened to her loved ones, but a story that is something else. And she’s just such a lovely woman, I’m sure we’d be good friends if we lived closer 🙂 We are both dog crazy! And we both lost out brothers at far too young an age. Check her book out if you haven’t already read it.

    I am kind of split on Gypsy Blanchard, by the way. I do believe that she was highly manipulative when it came to getting her boyfriend to kill her mother. It would have never happened otherwise, and she deserved to be held accountable. But at the same time, her mother abused her horribly in a Munchausen’s by proxy type fashion for years and years, and put her through all of those horrible procedures for no reason. Promoted all those lies for money and a house, it was an awful scam just to get out of working. Not to mention telling Gypsy she had cancer, needed the feeding tube, couldn’t walk, etc stultifying her young life and tying her to her mother to keep the money coming in. The one thing that drove me crazy was Gypsy’s voice. It was like nails on a chalkboard to my ears for some reason.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Gypsy!


  2. First off, I love your name and your hair! My son’s middle name is Dean and he was named after my dad who shares the same middle name. It’s a good name that typically represents kind hearted people. I have enjoyed reading your articles and I look forward to more especially those on true crime.


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